Eat This: Super Simple Blueberry Streusel Loaf French Toast

When I decided to make this, it was more of a “Hmm, what the heck am I making for breakfast today?” kind of moment. A “Well, I have this bread, I haven’t tried it, it’s getting old, might as well make French Toast out of it” kind of moment. Unfortunately it was also a “babies are hogging the phone so I’m going to pretend I’m not eating, and go eat this in peace” kind of moment. Alas, no photos. That’s ok though.

Simplest. French Toast. Ever.




  1. Three eggs. A little milk. Wisk it. Dip the Archer Farms (Target brand) “Blueberry Streusel Breakfast Bread” bread in (yeah, I said bread bread).
  2. Fry it on a skillet in some oil (I used olive oil and a tortilla warmer made by a totally legitimate New Mexican welder). If you’re making the whole loaf, you’ll need about 6 eggs. But who is going to eat an entire loaf of French Toast? Not us (yet).

Now normally, I prefer to make my French Toast with vanilla, cinnamon and occasionally, mulling spices if i am using a more boring bread. No need here. The Blueberry Streusel bread already has all those delicious flavors and you don’t have to do Jack squat else.

I used real maple syrup but you can eat it without that, in your hands like a 2 year old, if you prefer.